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Methods Coordination Project Exemplar Bibliography

The Methods Coordination Project (MCP) is a browseable, searchable bibliographic resource covering a range of data-collection techniques and analytic methods employed in the discipline of political science, as well as resources on archiving, sharing, and reusing data. It provides an unparalleled bibliographic resource for scholars and students to find recommended writings on particular topics or techniques. 

MCP was created and is being maintained by a team of social scientists who serve as bibliographic coordinators for the methods in which they have particular expertise.

We direct QDR users to two exemplar bibliographies, one for measurement  and a specialized bibliography within measurement for literature on measuring democracy.  

The “breadcrumb trail” above the titles of the exemplars illustrates how MCP is organized. As users will also see, entries that are foundational or especially influential are identified, as are entries that represent particularly good examples of an analytic technique, or require a strong background in mathematics.