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ATI Using LaTeX

When writing in LaTeX (or another markup language), you can add your annotations as links within the document.

  1. Use the \section command to create a new section on a new page at the end of the document (after the bibliography) and title it, “ATI Data Supplement.”

  2. Write your annotations as regular text in that new section. QDR doesn’t prescribe precise formatting for annotations. However, we recommend using bold font for the labels of the different annotation components (Source excerpt, Analytic note, etc.).

  3. At the beginning of each annotation, insert a label using the \label command, such as \label{atids:MBR-200}. Any label will work, but we suggest you include a unique component such as atids: in all labels referring to ATI annotations so that you can easily identify them should you need to print a copy of the document without the ATI Data Supplement.

  4. In the main text, surround the text or citation you want to annotate with a link to that bookmark using the \hyperref command, e.g. \hyperref[atids:MBR-200]{communications of Chávez}.

A sample .tex file with a single annotation can be found here. Its output in .pdf format (using pdflatex via Overleaf) can be found here.