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Presidential Campaign Advertising in Chile, Brazil, and Peru


These videos of presidential campaign advertising in Chile, Brazil and Peru were collected in order to characterize the evolution of campaign strategies in new democracies.

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Boas, Taylor. (2015) “Presidential Campaign Advertising in Chile, Brazil, and Peru.” Data Collection, QDR:10053. Syracuse, NY: Qualitative Data Repository [distributor].

PID QDR:10053 project
Geography Brazil, Chile, Peru, Latin America
Topic Brazil, campaign advertising, Chile, Latin America, Peru, presidential elections, television
Creator Taylor C. Boas, Department of Political Science, Boston University (
Collection Type Data Collection
Version Original (Pilot Project)
Date 2005-01-06 to 2011-12-31
Temporal Coverage 1985-01-01 to 2011-12-31
Language Spanish, Portuguese
Rights Only a sub-set of the full data collection of over a thousand videos is shared here. A decision about the online accessibility of the full set of project files is pending, awaiting further investigation of their provenance (originally broadcast publicly on television). Interested registered users can contact QDR to arrange viewing all videos on site.
Publisher Qualitative Data Repository
DOI 10.5064/F62Z13FQ
1. Peru_1990_Fujimori_01.mpg
PID: QDR:30497 file
2. Peru_1990_Fujimori_02.mpg
PID: QDR:30498 file
3. Peru_1990_Fujimori_03.mpg
PID: QDR:30499 file
4. Chile_1993_Frei_01.mpg
PID: QDR:30500 file
5. Chile_1993_Frei_02.mpg
PID: QDR:30501 file
6. Chile_1993_Frei_03.mpg
PID: QDR:30502 file
7. Chile_1993_Frei_04.mpg
PID: QDR:30503 file
8. Chile_1993_Frei_05.mpg
PID: QDR:30504 file
9. Chile_1993_Frei_06.mpg
PID: QDR:30505 file
10. Chile_1993_Frei_07.mpg
PID: QDR:30506 file
11. Chile_1993_Frei_08.mpg
PID: QDR:30507 file
12. Chile_1993_Frei_09.mpg
PID: QDR:30508 file
13. Chile_1993_Frei_10.mpg
PID: QDR:30509 file
14. Chile_1993_Frei_11.mpg
PID: QDR:30510 file
15. Chile_1993_Frei_12.mpg
PID: QDR:30511 file
16. Chile_1993_Frei_13.mpg
PID: QDR:30512 file
17. Chile_1993_Frei_14.mpg
PID: QDR:30513 file
18. Chile_1993_Frei_15.mpg
PID: QDR:30514 file
19. Brazil_1998_Lula_01.mpg
PID: QDR:30515 file
20. Brazil_1998_Lula_02.mpg
PID: QDR:30516 file
21. Brazil_1998_Lula_03.mpg
PID: QDR:30517 file
22. Brazil_1998_Lula_04.mpg
PID: QDR:30518 file
23. Brazil_1998_Lula_05.mpg
PID: QDR:30519 file
24. Brazil_1998_Lula_06.mpg
PID: QDR:30520 file
25. Brazil_1998_Lula_07.mpg
PID: QDR:30521 file
26. Brazil_1998_Lula_08.mpg
PID: QDR:30522 file
27. Brazil_1998_Lula_09.mpg
PID: QDR:30523 file
28. Brazil_1998_Lula_10.mpg
PID: QDR:30524 file
29. Brazil_1998_Lula_11.mpg
PID: QDR:30525 file
30. Brazil_1998_Lula_12.mpg
PID: QDR:30526 file
31. Brazil_1998_Lula_13.mpg
PID: QDR:30527 file
32. Brazil_1998_Lula_14.mpg
PID: QDR:30528 file
33. Brazil_1998_Lula_15.mpg
PID: QDR:30529 file
34. Brazil_1998_Lula_16.mpg
PID: QDR:30530 file
35. Brazil_1998_Lula_17.mpg
PID: QDR:30531 file
36. Brazil_1998_Lula_18.mpg
PID: QDR:30532 file
37. Brazil_1998_Lula_19.mpg
PID: QDR:30533 file
38. Brazil_1998_Lula_20.mpg
PID: QDR:30534 file
39. Brazil_1998_Lula_21.mpg
PID: QDR:30535 file
40. Brazil_1998_Lula_22.mpg
PID: QDR:30536 file
41. Brazil_1998_Lula_23.mpg
PID: QDR:30537 file
42. Brazil_1998_Lula_24.mpg
PID: QDR:30538 file
43. Brazil_1998_Lula_25.mpg
PID: QDR:30539 file
44. Brazil_1998_Lula_26.mpg
PID: QDR:30540 file
45. Brazil_1998_Lula_27.mpg
PID: QDR:30541 file