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Consumer Subsidies in Post-Crisis Argentina


Project Summary: Developing countries devote significant resources to lowering consumer prices for basic goods and services such as food and electricity. This article explains the political logic of the adoption and growth of broad-based consumer subsidies.

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Bril, Thomás and Alison Post. (2015) “Consumer Subsidies in Post-Crisis Argentina.” Data Collection, QDR:10054. Syracuse, NY: Qualitative Data Repository [distributor].

PID QDR:10054 project
Geography Argentina, Latin America
Topic interest groups, policy traps, subsidies, utilities
Creator Alison Post, Thomás Bril
Collection Type Data Collection
Date 2013-01-01 to 2014-12-31
Temporal Coverage 2000-01-01 to 2010-12-31
Language Spanish, English
Rights Standard access for all files described above; 15 interviews also collected as part of the project are not being shared at this time due to human subject concerns.
Publisher Qualitative Data Repository
DOI 10.5064/F6BG2KWC
1. DOCUMENTATION IntroductoryDataSupplement
PID: QDR:30305 file
2. DOCUMENTATION Argentina Bus Subsidy Programs - Data Supplement - Bril and Post
PID: QDR:30306 file
3. Argentina_Bus_Subsidy_Program_1
PID: QDR:30307 file
4. Argentina_Bus_Subsidy_Program_2
PID: QDR:30308 file
5. Argentina_Bus_Subsidy_Program_3
PID: QDR:30309 file
6. DOCUMENTATION Argentina Gas Subsidy Program - Data Supplement - Bril and Post
PID: QDR:30310 file
7. Argentina_Gas_Subsidy_Program_2006
PID: QDR:30311 file
8. Argentina_Gas_Subsidy_Program_2007
PID: QDR:30312 file
9. Argentina_Gas_Subsidy_Program_2008
PID: QDR:30313 file
10. Argentina_Gas_Subsidy_Program_2009
PID: QDR:30314 file
11. Argentina_Gas_Subsidy_Program_2010
PID: QDR:30315 file
12. DOCUMENTATION Newspaper Archive - Data Supplement - Bril and Post
PID: QDR:30316 file
13. Argentina Consumer Subsidy Programs - Newspaper Archive - Bril and Post
PID: QDR:30317 file
14. DOCUMENTATION Legislation Archive - Data Supplement - Bril and Post
PID: QDR:30318 file
15. Argentina Consumer Subsidy Programs - Legislation Archive - Bril and Post
PID: QDR:30319 file
16. DOCUMENTATION Argentina Wages Datasets - Data Supplement - Bril and Post
PID: QDR:30320 file
17. Argentina_Monthly_Wages_Urban_Bus_Drivers
PID: QDR:30321 file
18. Latin_America_Monthly_Labor_Income
PID: QDR:30322 file
19. DOCUMENTATION Argentina Investment in Urban Bus Transportation - Data Supplement - Bril and Post
PID: QDR:30323 file
20. Argentina_Investment_in_Urban_Bus_Transportation
PID: QDR:30324 file