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Constitute: Constitutional Text for Scholars and​ Drafters


Constitute is a web application developed for scholars and drafters analyzing the text of written constitutions. At the heart of the application is a set of constitutional excerpts that are encoded with tags derived from a conceptual inventory used in the Comparative Constitutions Project, a related dataset that records the characteristics of national constitutions since 1789.

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Elkins, Zachary. (2015) “Constitute: Constitutional Text for Scholars and Drafters.” Data Collection, QDR:10056. Syracuse, NY: Qualitative Data Repository [distributor].

PID QDR:10056 project
Geography World OR Global
Topic constitutions, rights, text data, comparative institutions, law,
Creator Zachary Elkins, Tom Ginsburg, James Melton,
Collection Type Data Collection
Version Original (Pilot Project)
Date 2005-01-01 to 2013-09-01
Temporal Coverage 1789-01-01 to 2013-09-01
Rights Most of the sources for the textual excerpts are public documents. While some of the constitutions tagged here are under copyright, the two organizations that hold the copyright have provided permission to distribute the material as long as it is not used for commercial purposes.
Publisher Qualitative Data Repository
DOI 10.5064/F6TD9V7G
Please contact QDR ( to inquire about the possibility of conditional access to the files of this data project.