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Interstate War Initiation and Termination (I-WIT)


The Interstate War Initiation and Termination (I-WIT) data set was created to enable study of macro-historical change in war initiation and termination. I-WIT is based on the Correlates of War (COW) version 4 list of interstate wars, and contains most of the interstate wars in the COW list; those excluded were wars the researchers believe do not meet the COW criteria for interstate wars.

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Fazal, Tanisha and Page Fortna. (2015) “Interstate War Initiation and Termination (I-WIT) data set.” Data Collection, QDR:10057. Syracuse, NY: Qualitative Data Repository [distributor].

PID QDR:10057 project
Geography Global
Topic declarations of war, interstate war, peace treaties, war onset, war outcomes, war termination
Creator Tanisha Fazal, Page Fortna
Collection Type Data Collection
Version Original (Pilot Project)
Date 2004-01-01 to 2010-12-31
Temporal Coverage 1816-01-01 to 2007-12-31
Language English
Rights Standard access for all files; no human subjects or copyrighted material is involved. The secondary sources referenced are cited in the collection.
Publisher Qualitative Data Repository
DOI 10.5064/F6JW8BSD
1. 1828Russo-TurkishMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30325 file
2. 1848FirstSchleswigMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30326 file
3. 1851LaPlataMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30327 file
4. 18S3CrimeanMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30328 file
5. 1856Anglo-PersianMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30329 file
6. 18S9Spanish-MoroccanMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30330 file
7. 1862Franco-MexicanMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30331 file
8. 1863SecondSchleswigMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30332 file
9. 1864ParaguayanMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30333 file
10. 1866SevenweeksMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30334 file
11. 1870Franco-PrussianMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30335 file
12. 1877Russo-TurkishMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30336 file
13. 1882Anglo-EgyptianMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30337 file
14. 1883Sino-FrenchMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30338 file
15. 1893Franco-ThaiMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30339 file
16. 1894Sino-JapaneseMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30340 file
17. 1897Greco-TurkishMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30341 file
18. 1898Spanish-AmericanMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30342 file
19. 1900Sino-RussianMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30343 file
20. 1904Russo-JapaneseMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30344 file
21. 1909Spanish-MoroccanMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30345 file
22. 1911ltalo-TurkishMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30346 file
23. 1912FirstBalkanMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30347 file
24. 1913SecondBalkanMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30348 file
25. 1919Greco-TurkishMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30349 file
26. 1919HungarianMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30350 file
27. 1919Russo-PolishMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30351 file
28. 1929Sino-SovietM D.pdf
PID: QDR:30352 file
29. 1931ManchurianMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30353 file
30. 1932ChacoMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30354 file
31. 1934Saudi-YemeniMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30355 file
32. 1935Italo-EthiopianMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30357 file
33. 1937SecondSino-JapaneseMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30358 file
34. 1938ChangkufengMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30359 file
35. 1939NomonhanMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30360 file
36. 1939Russo-FinnishMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30361 file
37. 1940Franco-ThaiMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30362 file
38. 1948PalestineMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30363 file
39. 1950KoreanMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30364 file
40. 1956Russo-HungarianMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30365 file
41. 1956SinaiMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30366 file
42. 1962AssamMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30367 file
43. 1967SixDaylsraeli-EgyptianMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30368 file
44. 1973YomKippurMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30369 file
45. 1974Turko-CypriotMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30370 file
46. 1978Ugandan-TanzanianMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30371 file
47. 1980lran-lraqMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30372 file
48. 1982LebanonMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30373 file
49. 1990GulfMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30374 file
50. WWICodingExplanationMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30375 file
51. WWIICodingExplanationMD.pdf
PID: QDR:30376 file
52. 1823Franco-SpanishARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30377 file
53. 1828Russo-TurkishARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30378 file
54. 1846MexicanAmericanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30379 file
55. 1848Austro-SardinianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30380 file
56. 1848FirstSchleswigARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30381 file
57. 1849RomanRepublicARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30382 file
58. 1851LaPlataARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30383 file
59. 1853CrimeanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30384 file
60. 1856Anglo-PersianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30385 file
61. 1859Spanish-MoroccanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30386 file
62. 1860PapalStatesARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30387 file
63. 1860TwoSiciliesARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30388 file
64. 1862Franco-MexicanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30389 file
65. 1863Ecuadorian-ColombianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30390 file
66. 1864ParaguayanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30391 file
67. 1864Second SchleswigARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30392 file
68. 1865Spanish-ChileanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30393 file
69. 1866Austro-PrussianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30394 file
70. 1870Franco-PrussianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30395 file
71. 1876CentralAmericanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30396 file
72. 1877Russo-TurkishARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30397 file
73. 1879PacificARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30398 file
74. 1882Anglo-EgyptianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30399 file
75. 1884Sino-FrenchARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30400 file
76. 1885CentralAmericanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30401 file
77. 1893Franco-ThaiARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30402 file
78. 1894Sino-JapaneseARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30403 file
79. 1897Greco-TurkishARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30404 file
80. 1898Spanish-AmericanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30405 file
81. 1900Boxer RebellionARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30406 file
82. 1900Sino-RussianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30407 file
83. 1904Russo-JapaneseARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30408 file
84. 1906CentralAmericanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30409 file
85. 1907CentralAmericanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30410 file
86. 1909Spanish-MoroccanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30411 file
87. 1911ltalo-TurkishARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30412 file
88. 1912FirstBalkanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30413 file
89. 1913SecondBalkanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30414 file
90. 1919Franco-TurkishARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30415 file
91. 1919Greco-TurkishARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30416 file
92. 1919HungarianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30417 file
93. 1919Russo-PolishARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30418 file
94. 1920Lithuanian-PolishARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30419 file
95. 1929Sino-SovietARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30420 file
96. 1931 ManchurianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30421 file
97. 1932ChacoARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30422 file
98. 1934Saudi-YemeniARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30423 file
99. 19351talo-EthiopianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30424 file
100. 1938ChangkufengARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30426 file
101. 1939NomonhanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30427 file
102. 1939Russo-FinnishARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30428 file
103. 1939WorldWarll(Europe)ARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30429 file
104. 1940Franco-ThaiARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30430 file
105. 1947KashmirARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30431 file
106. 1948PalestineARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30432 file
107. 1950KoreanARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30433 file
108. 1956Russo-HungarianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30434 file
109. 1956SinaiARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30435 file
110. 1962AssamARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30436 file
111. 1965SecondKashmirARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30437 file
112. 1965VietnamARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30438 file
113. 1967SixDayARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30439 file
114. 1969Israeli-EgyptianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30440 file
115. 1969SoccerARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30441 file
116. 1971BangladeshARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30442 file
117. 1973Yom KippurARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30443 file
118. 1974Turko-CypriotARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30444 file
119. 1977OgadenARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30445 file
120. 1977Vietnamese-CambodianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30446 file
121. 1978Ugandan-TanzanianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30447 file
122. 1979Sino-VietnameseARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30448 file
123. 1980Iran-lraqARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30449 file
124. 1982FalklandsARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30450 file
125. 1982Israel-SyriaARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30451 file
126. 1987Sino-VietnameseARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30452 file
127. 1991GulfARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30453 file
128. 1859Austro-SardinianARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30454 file
129. 1914WorldWarlARW.pdf
PID: QDR:30455 file
130. 1848_Austro-Sardinian_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30456 file
131. 1971_Bangladesh_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30457 file
132. 1948_First_Kashmir_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30458 file
133. 1969_Football_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30459 file
134. 1823_Franco-Spanish_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30460 file
135. 1859_Italian_Unification_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30461 file
136. 1860_Italo-Roman_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30462 file
137. 1860_Italo-Sicilian_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30463 file
138. 1846_Mexican-American_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30464 file
139. 1849_Roman_Republic_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30465 file
140. 1965_Second_Kashmir_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30466 file
141. 1979_Sino-Vietnamese_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30467 file
142. 1865_Spanish-Chilean_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30468 file
143. 1975_Vietnamese-Cambodian_JS.pdf
PID: QDR:30469 file