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Data for: Finding Pathways: Mixed-Methods Research For Studying Causal Mechanisms


This pedagogical data project provides materials related to conducting pathway analysis: the use of case studies to explore the causal links between variables. Materials include recorded workshop sessions, data sets and problem sets.

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Weller, Nicholas and Jeb Barnes. (2016) Data for: Finding Pathways: Mixed-Methods Research For Studying Causal Mechanisms. Pedagogical Data Collection, QDR:10063. Syracuse, NY: Qualitative Data Repository [distributor].

PID QDR:10063 project
Geography N/A
Topic mixed methods, multi-method, pathway analysis, case selection, mechanisms, measurement, front-door criteria, sequential ignobility
Creator Nicholas Weller, Jeb Barnes
Collection Type Pedagogical Data Collection
Version Original (Pilot Project)
Date 2013-01-01 to 2014-12-31
Temporal Coverage 2013-01-01 to 2014-12-31
Language English
Rights The material is based on a book by the depositors published by Cambridge University Press and made available for sharing via QDR.
Publisher Qualitative Data Repository
DOI 10.5064/F6MW2F2K
1. SCELS Session 1.m4v
PID: QDR:30470 file
2. SCELS Session 2.m4v
PID: QDR:30471 file
3. SCELS Session 3.m4v
PID: QDR:30472 file
4. SCELS Session 4.m4v
PID: QDR:30473 file
5. SCELS Session 5.m4v
PID: QDR:30474 file
6. SCELS Session 6.m4v
PID: QDR:30475 file
7. Chaper4replication_DO.pdf
PID: QDR:30476 file
8. Chaper4replication_DOfile.txt
PID: QDR:30477 file
9. Chapter4replication_LOG.pdf
PID: QDR:30478 file
10. Chapter4replication_LOGfile.txt
PID: QDR:30479 file
11. Chapter4replicationData.csv
PID: QDR:30480 file
12. GerringData.dta
PID: QDR:30481 file
13. Chaper5Replication_LogFile.pdf
PID: QDR:30482 file
14. Chapter5results_DOfile.pdf
PID: QDR:30483 file
15. Chapter5results_DOfile.txt
PID: QDR:30484 file
16. libcap.dta
PID: QDR:30485 file
17. Chpater6replication_DOfile.docx
PID: QDR:30486 file
18. Chpater6replication_DOfile.pdf
PID: QDR:30487 file
19. CollierForMatching.dta
PID: QDR:30488 file
20. Chapter7replicationDO.pdf
PID: QDR:30489 file
21. Chapter7replicationDO.txt
PID: QDR:30490 file
22. Chapter7replicationLOG.pdf
PID: QDR:30491 file
23. Chapter7replicationLOG.txt
PID: QDR:30492 file
24. Collier and Hoefler Data.dta
PID: QDR:30493 file
25. Weller_Barnes_FP_Exercises.docx
PID: QDR:30494 file
26. Answer Key for Weller_Barnes_FP_Exercises.docx
PID: QDR:30495 file