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Methods Coordination Project

John Gerring, Co-Director (
Colin Elman, Co-Director (

The Methods Coordination Project (MCP) is a browse-able, searchable bibliographic resource covering a range of data-collection techniques and analytic methods employed in the discipline of political science, as well as resources on archiving, sharing, and reusing data. Some of the bibliographic entries are annotated to indicate that they are foundational or especially influential,  or are particularly good examples of an analytic technique. We have also annotated materials that require a strong background in mathematics. 

MCP has several aims. Analytic transparency and inferential clarity presuppose shared understandings of the relevant research tradition – public methods applied publicly – and MCP seeks to foster those shared understandings. In keeping with its close association with QDR, MCP also includes literature on managing, sharing, and reusing data arising from qualitative and multi-method research. Further, MCP contributes to advancing research transparency by gathering together the literature on the history and background of the transparency initiative, as well as literature addressing today’s evolving transparency debates.

MCP provides an unparalleled bibliographic resource for scholars and students to find recommended writings on particular topics or techniques. It was created and is being maintained by a team of social scientists who serve as bibliographic coordinators for the methods in which they have particular expertise. Additional functions (e.g. group-sourced commentaries and fora) will be added in 2016.

Users can either browse MCP according to pre-structured categories or search MCP using specific search terms.