ATI Pilot Working Group

ATI Pilot Working Group – Authors and Reviewers

Nicholas Anderson – Department of Political Science, Yale University

Emily Caitlin Baer – Department of Political Science, University of New Hampshire

Tiffany Barnes – Department of Political Science, University of Kentucky

Megan Doherty Bea – Department of Sociology, Cornell University

Megan Becker – School of International Relations, University of Southern California

Tsering Bum – Department of Anthropology, Emory University

Sarah Bush – Department of Political Science, Yale University

Jennifer Bussell – Department of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley

Jessica Calarco – Department of Sociology, Indiana University, Bloomington

Steven L. Chanenson – Charles Widger School of Law, Villanova University

Volha Charnysh – Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University

Jonathan Cluck – College of Science, Health and the Liberal Arts, Jefferson University

Alexander De Juan – Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Konstanz and German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA)

Amanda M. Dewey – Department of Sociology, University of Maryland

Kent Eaton – Politics Department, University of California, Santa Cruz

Agnes Ebotabe Arrey – Public Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Group, Brussels Vrije Universiteit

Sue-Liza Eta – Department of Renal Transplantation and Endocrine Surgery, Cliniques Universitaires de Saint Luc., Université Catholique Louvain

Laura Forlano – Illinois Institute of Technology

Jordan Gans-Morse – Department of Political Science, Northwestern University

Erica Gaston – Department of Politics and International Studies, Cambridge University

Samantha Gottlieb – Independent Scholar

Melissa Hamilton – School of Law, University of Surrey

William L. Harder – Center for Teaching, Research & Learning and Department of Government, American University

Cole Hooley – School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis

Sophie Holmes-Elliott – Modern Languages Department, University of Southampton

Markus Kreuzer – Department of Political Science, Villanova University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Jennifer Lai – Department of Sociology, Michigan State University

Egor Lazarev – Department of Political Science, Columbia University

Hannah Leach – School of English, Sheffield University

Jeongseok Lee – Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

Zachariah Mampilly – Department of Political Science, Vassar College

Juan Masullo – Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford

Lindsay Mayka – Department of Government, Colby College

Theo Milonopoulos – Department of Political Science, Columbia University

Greg Moorlock – Medical School, University of Warwick

Georgina Morley – Centre for Ethics in Medicine, University of Bristol

Daniel Møller Ølgaard – Department of Political Science, Lund University

Paul Musgrave – Department of Political Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Joey O’Mahoney – Security Studies Program, MIT

Thomas O’Mealia – Department of Political Science, University of Michigan

Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra – Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego

Nicholas Pedriana – Department of Sociology, Criminology, Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Jan Pierskalla – Department of Political Science, Ohio State University

Carolyn Ponting – Department of Psychology, UCLA

Simon Frankel Pratt – Mortara Center for International Studies, Georgetown University, and Department of Political Science, University of Toronto

Jonathan Purtle – Department of Health Management and Policy, Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University

Marisa A. Rinkus – Center for Interdisciplinarity, Michigan State University

Margo Rusconi – Law Center, Georgetown University

Madison Schramm – Department of Government, Georgetown University

Markus B. Siewert – Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt University

David Skarbek – Department of Political Science, Brown University

Jennifer Smith – School of Critical Studies, University of Glasgow

Sarah S. Stroup – Department of Political Science, Middlebury College

Rachel Sweet – Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, Harvard University

Geoffrey Swenson – Department of International Development, London School of Economics

Ariane Tabatabai – Security Studies Program, Georgetown University

Daniel Thompson – Department of Anthropology, Emory University

Joanna Tidy – Department of Politics, University of Sheffield

Annie Tracy Samuel –Department of History, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Marína Urbániková – Faculty of Law, Masaryk University

Janneke Verheijen – Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD), University of Leiden

Andrea Voyer – Department of Sociology, Stockholm University

Camille Walsh – Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington

Jeremy Weinstein – Department of Political Science, Stanford University

Kristin Elizabeth Yarris – Department of International Studies, University of Oregon

Emily T. Yeh – Department of Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder


ATI Pilot Working Group – Additional Members


Colin Elman – Department of Political Science, Syracuse University / QDR

Diana Kapiszewski – Department of Government, Georgetown University / QDR

Sebastian Karcher – QDR

David Mainwaring – Cambridge University Press

Andrew Moravcsik – Princeton University

Christiane Pagé – QDR

Dawa Riley – Hypothesis

Heather Staines – Hypothesis

Margaret Tait – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Dan Whaley – Hypothesis

Nic Weber – Information School, University of Washington / QDR

Octawia Wojcik – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


ATI Challenge Selection Committee


Scott Barclay – School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Arizona State University

Felice Levine – American Educational Research Association

James Mahoney – Departments of Sociology and Political Science, Northwestern University

Rose McDermott – Political Science and Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs, Brown University

Ann M. Moore – Principal Research Scientist, Guttmacher Institute

Dena Plemmons – Research Ethics and Education Program, UC Riverside

Sali A. Tagliamonte – Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto