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QDR Publications

QDR personnel present and publish widely about repository and related activities. We also maintain a blog with updates on QDR activities and other short pieces. Find below a list of publications by QDR personnel that relate directly to our work.

Working Papers

Fenner, Martin, Mercè Crosas, Jeffrey Grethe, David Kennedy, Henning Hermjakob, Philippe Rocca-Serra, Robin Berjon, Sebastian Karcher, Maryann Martone, and Timothy Clark. 2016. “A Data Citation Roadmap for Scholarly Data Repositories.” bioRxiv, December, 097196. doi:10.1101/097196.


Kirilova, Dessi, and Sebastian Karcher. 2017. “Rethinking Data Sharing and Human Participant Protection in Social Science Research: Applications from the Qualitative Realm.” Data Science Journal 16 (September). doi:10.5334/dsj-2017-043.

Karcher, Sebastian, Dessislava Kirilova, and Nicholas Weber. 2016. “Beyond the Matrix: Repository Services for Qualitative Data.” IFLA Journal 42 (4): 292–302. doi:10.1177/0340035216672870.

Elman, Colin, and Colleen Dougherty Burton. 2016. “Research Cycles: Adding More Substance to the Spin.” Perspectives on Politics 14 (4): 1067–70. doi:10.1017/S1537592716002991.

Elman, Colin, Diana Kapiszewski, and Dessislava Kirilova. 2015. “Learning through Research: Using Data to Train Undergraduates in Qualitative Methods.” PS: Political Science & Politics 48 (1): 39–43. doi:10.1017/S1049096514001577.

Elman, Colin, and Diana Kapiszewski. 2014. “Data Access and Research Transparency in the Qualitative Tradition.” PS: Political Science & Politics 47 (01): 43–47. doi:10.1017/S1049096513001777.

Kapiszewski, Diana, and Dessislava Kirilova. 2014. “Transparency in Qualitative Security Studies Research: Standards, Benefits, and Challenges.” Security Studies 23 (4): 699–707. doi:10.1080/09636412.2014.970408.

Lupia, Arthur, and Colin Elman. 2014. “Openness in Political Science: Data Access and Research Transparency.” PS: Political Science & Politics 47 (01): 19–42. doi:10.1017/S1049096513001716.

Elman, Colin, Diana Kapiszewski, and Lorena Vinuela. 2010. “Qualitative Data Archiving: Rewards and Challenges.” PS: Political Science & Politics 43 (01): 23–27. doi: 10.1017/S104909651099077X

Other Essays

Elman, Colin, and Diana Kapiszewski. 2017. “Annotating Qualitative Social Science.” SSRC: Parameters. April 26.

Karcher, Sebastian, and Christiane Pagé. 2017. “Workshop Report: CAQDAS Projects and Digital Repositories’ Best Practices.” D-Lib Magazine 23 (3/4). doi: 10.1045/march2017-karcher.

Elman, Colin, and Arthur Lupia. 2016. “DA-RT: Aspirations and Anxieties.” Comparative Politics Newsletter 26 (1): 44–52.

Elman, Colin. 2012. “Qualitative Data Access and Research Transparency.” Qualitative & Multi-Method Research 10 (1): 28–31.

Kapiszewski, Diana. 2012. “Closing the Infrastructure Gap: Qualitative Data Archiving.” Qualitative & Multi-Method Research 10 (1): 31–33.