Empowering qualitative and multi-method inquiry through rigorous data and research

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Sharing data and 
its documentation for secondary analysis

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Making qualitative research more transparent through digitally enhanced citations

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Providing pedagogical data 
to enrich and enliven teaching

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Facilitating use of cutting edge research methods for data generation and analysis

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Our Mission

QDR selects, ingests, curates, archives, manages, durably preserves, and provides access to digital data used in qualitative and multi-method social inquiry.  The repository develops and publicizes common standards and methodologically informed practices for these activities, as well as for the reusing and citing of qualitative data.  Four beliefs underpin the repository's mission: data that can be shared and reused should be; evidence-based claims should be made transparently; teaching is enriched by the use of well-documented data; and rigorous social science requires common understandings of its research methods.



Data Collection

Topic Cluster

Active Citation Compilation

Methods Coordination Project