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Managing Data

Data management includes all aspects of collecting, handling, organizing, documenting, enhancing, and sharing research data.  Planning for effective data management begins when research is being designed. Effective data management is a prerequisite for research transparency and data sharing. 

Correspondingly, funders and publishers are increasingly mandating that grantees develop and provide explicit data management plans.

In the coming months, QDR will develop a series of web pages (all of which will be downloadable as PDFs) outlining key considerations for managing research data:

  • Data Management Planning (including costing data management, a checklist for data management, and standard language for depositors to include in funding applications to request resources for data management and organization)
  • Sample Data Management Plan
  • Template Data Management Plan
  • Documenting data
  • Formatting data
  • Human subjects (including working with Institutional Review Boards [IRBs], consent for data sharing, confidentiality, and anonymization)
  • Copyright and fair use
  • Setting access controls

Some additional resources for data management can be found here: