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Deposit Process

QDR’s deposit process involves preparing and submitting two forms and an agreement, typically in this order:

The forms request information that QDR uses to make deposited data more discoverable, searchable, and usable by other scholars. More technically, QDR uses the information you provide on the two forms to create “metadata” about data projects and the files they contain. The agreement serves as a legal contract between you and QDR.

Project Proposal Form

If you are interested in depositing data with QDR, the first step is to submit a Project Proposal Form. QDR staff reviews the form to ensure that the project aligns with QDR’s mission and practices. Staff may contact you to request clarification if there are any ambiguities or problems.

Data Deposit Form

You deposit your data by completing a Data Deposit Form and attaching all relevant files to the form. Preparing data for deposit at QDR and completing the form are complementary tasks that will both be easier if done at the same time.

The form requests several types of information that you should have readily at hand:

  • Detailed information about the data project you are depositing, including how, when, and where you collected the data; and how you organized, cleaned, enhanced, and prepared the data for sharing
  • For each data file you are depositing, the name of the file and the type of data it contains, and a short description
  • Evidence that you are sharing the data ethically (i.e., consent for sharing was provided, where necessary identifying information has been removed to protect confidentiality, and other relevant human participants concerns have been addressed) and legally (copyright issues have been effectively dealt with)
  • Relevant documentation (e.g., codebooks, data collection instruments, project summaries, and bibliographies of publications pertaining to the data, etc.) 

All of this information is necessary for other scholars to understand and interpret the data you are depositing.

Standard Deposit Agreement and Special Deposit Agreement

At the time of deposit, you also submit a Deposit Agreement. In this agreement you make a series of required attestations about the data that allow QDR to archive and distribute them.

By completing a Standard Deposit Agreement, you agree that the data contained in your data project are to be shared via QDR with no special access and distribution conditions. Registered users who download data deposited with a Standard Deposit Agreement are subject to the restrictions specified in QDR’s General Terms and Conditions of Use.  

If you wish to impose special restrictions (in addition to those specified in QDR’s General Terms and Conditions of Use) on the sharing of some or all of the data included in your data project, complete a Special Deposit Agreement. In this agreement, you outline the special access or distribution conditions that you wish to require.


Upon receiving a new deposit, QDR staff reviews the Data Deposit Form, Deposit Agreement, and the data files that have been deposited.  QDR contacts you to clarify any ambiguities and resolve any issues. Once the documentation and data files are in order, QDR notifies you that your data project has been accepted.

QDR staff then prepares the deposit for sharing via QDR. Staff may further clean, organize, enhance, and/or transform the data project (including the data and metadata) to optimize digital preservation. QDR staff will also ensure that you have specified how you have complied with relevant human participants guidelines and copyright restrictions. These steps increase the accessibility of data deposited via QDR, augmenting other QDR users’ ability to discover, interpret, and use them.