Special Deposit Agreement

By completing this Special Deposit Agreement, you agree that the data project identified below can be shared via the Qualitative Data Repository (QDR). QDR may distribute the data project or any of its individual components for research and teaching purposes to users who have registered with QDR and agreed to QDR’s General Terms and Conditions of Use and the Special Download Agreement as in effect from time to time.

QDR’s General Terms and Conditions of Use and Special Download Agreement include a series of obligations and prohibitions concerning the retrieval and use of data and other materials housed in QDR. If these obligations and prohibitions are sufficient for all of the data in the data project identified below, you should use this Special Deposit Agreement to deposit the data project with QDR. QDR will share your data without asking users to satisfy any additional conditions and without asking you for any additional permissions. In coordination with QDR staff, you may also opt to use a more permissive license (such as a Creative Commons attribution license) for your data.

As used in this Special Deposit Agreement, “I”, “me”, “my” and words of similar import include (a) the individual accepting this Special Deposit Agreement as described above, and (b) any institution, organization or entity on whose behalf such individual is acting (including without limitation acts in the course of his or her employment), in whole or in part, with respect to the activities contemplated by this Special Deposit Agreement. If acting on behalf of his or her institution, organization or entity in the capacity described in the foregoing clause “(b)”, the person accepting this Special Deposit Agreement represents and warrants that he or she has the authority to do so on behalf of his or her institution, organization or entity, and that by his or her acceptance he or she binds the institution, organization or entity to this Special Deposit Agreement.

1. Data project

1a. Title in the original language and English, if different

1b. QDR-assigned DOI

2. Depositor attestation

Completion of this agreement attests to each of the following statements, and is required for QDR to archive and distribute this data project. These terms are not revisable.

2a. For the material comprising this data project that I wish to make publicly available through QDR:

  • I have copyright to the material and have all other rights necessary to make it publicly available through QDR, and hereby give permission to do so,

  • the material is in the public domain and no permissions are required to make it publicly available through QDR, or

  • I have provided QDR third-party permissions so the materials can be publicly shared through QDR.

I have identified to QDR any material I am depositing to which none of the three conditions above applies. Such material is being deposited for sharing to the extent permissible by fair use and subject to the remaining terms of this Special Deposit Agreement, and for record and safe-keeping purposes.

2b. I give my permission for QDR to use the data project in the following ways, without limitations:

  • To disseminate copies of the data project in a variety of media formats.

  • To promote and advertise the data project in any forms or media.

  • To describe, catalog, validate and provide documentation about the data.

  • To store, translate, transfer, move, copy and re-format the data in any way to ensure its future preservation and accessibility.

  • To incorporate metadata and documentation for the data project into public access catalogs and to distribute metadata and documentation under a creative commons license.

  • To deposit copies of the data with third parties for preservation, and to deposit copies of the data with third parties for future use in the event that QDR ceases operations.

2c. I give my permission to QDR to enhance, transform and/or re-arrange the data project, including the data and metadata, in order to protect respondent confidentiality, improve usability, or to facilitate any task listed in 2b above.

2d. For the material comprising this data project that I wish to make publicly available through QDR, if confidentiality has been promised to research subjects, I have removed all information directly identifying the research subjects, have used due diligence in preventing information in the project from being used to disclose the identity of the research subjects, and have otherwise taken such actions as are necessary to permit me to lawfully deposit the data project with QDR.

2e. There is no material in this data project that was obtained with the promise of confidentiality and that has not been de-identified. I understand that data projects containing any such material should only be deposited after completion of a Special Deposit Agreement indicating that the non-anonymized data are being deposited for record and safe-keeping purposes only, and are not for sharing.

2f. I agree to release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless QDR (including its staff, Technical Advisory Board, and Research Advisory Board) and Syracuse University and its trustees, directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives, as well as their respective suppliers, contractors and content providers, from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, proceedings (whether civil, criminal or administrative), and judgments, and any and all liability, loss, expense (including reasonable attorneys’ fees, professional expenses and court costs), costs or damages, arising from the data project including, without limitation, actions for breach of proprietary rights or copyright and actions concerning identification of research subjects, breaches of confidentiality, or invasions of privacy by or on behalf of said subjects.

3. Types of access controls

Please note that access controls are suited for circumstances where data are under constraint such that the general obligations and prohibitions imposed on users by QDR’s General Terms and Conditions of Use are insufficient. If none of your data fall into that category, and if they may be downloaded by all registered users, please fill out the Standard Deposit Agreement instead.

Access Controls

Please indicate the type of access controls (e.g. "require verification of affiliation and research plan", "2-year embargo", or "require IRB approval") you wish to impose for access to the data you deposit. If access restrictions apply only to some of your data, please specify which files by either providing a list or a type of data (e.g. "Interviews"). Access controls should be discussed with QDR curators before submitting this form. Please contact QDR at qdr@syr.edu for a consultation if you have not done so already.

Terms of Access

Please provide the exact wording as it should appear in the "Terms of Access" for your data project. Please contact QDR (qdr@syr.edu to consult with a curator about your data project\'s terms if you have not already done so.

4. Depositor’s rights and undertaking

Completion of this agreement represents acknowledgement and acceptance of each of the following:

4a. I am free to use or publish the data project elsewhere but must inform QDR of the location, and of any subsequent versions, of the data.

4b. I do not warrant or guarantee the comprehensiveness, accuracy, or reliability of the contents of the data project.

5. Repository’s rights and responsibilities

QDR reserves the right, exercisable at its sole and absolute discretion, to refuse to accept the deposit of any data project, or one or more individual components of any data project.

QDR will endeavour to store the deposited data files digitally in accordance with its data protection and security policies. QDR will take reasonable measures to allow access to the data only to registered users who have agreed to applicable rules of usage promulgated by QDR from time to time, including reminding users that all materials shared via QDR are protected by copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights, and duplication or use are permitted only for the purposes set forth in the rules of usage. QDR additionally requires authorized users publishing any work based in whole or in part on a data project or the component parts of a data project downloaded from QDR to correctly cite the data in the publication, and to provide QDR, with a bibliographic citation to that publication. This allows QDR to demonstrate the impact of the original data, and scholars to be recognized and rewarded for data they create and share.

QDR is under no obligation to take legal action on behalf of the depositor or other rights holders in the event of a breach of intellectual property or other rights.

While reasonable care will be taken to preserve the physical integrity of the data project, QDR shall incur no liability, either expressed or implicit, for the data project or for the loss of or damage to any of the files contained in it.

QDR is an operating unit of Syracuse University; as such, all rights and obligations attributable to “QDR” under this Special Deposit Agreement constitute rights and obligations of Syracuse University.

6. Royalties

No royalties or other compensation of any kind shall be paid to the depositor for the use of the data project deposited to QDR.

By completing the details of this Special Deposit Agreement and clicking the "I Agree" box below, I attest that the information that I provided is accurate, that I have read all the terms and conditions of this Special Deposit Agreement, and that I agree to and accept the same. I acknowledge that clicking the “I Agree” box has the same legal effect as if I had printed a hard copy of this agreement and signed it.

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