Managing Data

QDR offers a series of web pages addressing key topics in managing research data from data management planning to formatting and depositing data, all with a focus on the needs of qualitative researchers.

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Deposit Process

How do you deposit data with QDR? Learn about the steps of a data deposit, deposit fees and waivers, and typically turnaround times.

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ATI at a glance

Annotation for Transparent Inquiry

Annotation for Transparent Inquiry (ATI) facilitates transparency in qualitative research by allowing scholars to “annotate” specific passages in an article. Annotations amplify the text and, when possible, include a link to one or more data sources underlying a claim; data sources are housed in a repository.

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About QDR

Sharing data and its documentation for secondary analysis

Empowering qualitative and multi-method inquiry through guidance and consultation

Providing data  and materials to enrich and enliven teaching

Developing innovative approaches for enriching publications with data and analysis

Our Mission

QDR curates, stores, preserves, publishes, and enables the download of digital data generated through qualitative and multi-method research in the social sciences. The repository develops and disseminates guidance for managing, sharing, citing, and reusing qualitative data, and contributes to the generation of common standards for doing so. QDR’s overarching goals are to make sharing qualitative data customary in the social sciences, to broaden access to social science data, and to strengthen qualitative and multi-method research.

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