QDR Metadata Application Profile

This metadata schema is intended principally for developers and librarians. Researchers should consult the guidance on depositing data that QDR provides here.

QDR’s Metadata Application Profile defines the type of metadata QDR collects and their structure. It closely maps to Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) 2.5 (“Codebook”) as well as the Datacite Metadata Kernel. The Profile also maintains compatibility with the metadata used by Dataverse more broadly, ensuring that QDR’s holdings will be compatible with other Dataverse implementations. Fields are listed in order of appearance in the QDR catalog.

QDR Field DDI 2.5 Datacite 3.1 Required or Optional
DOI IDNo Identifier with identifierType="DOI" R (automatic)
Title titl Title R
Subtitle subTitl Map to Title with titleType="Subtitle" O
Alternative Title altTitl Map to Title with titleType="AlternativeTitle" O
QDR ID IDNo   O (deprecated)
Identifier IDNo alternateIdentifier O (deprecated)
Agency IDNo (agency) alternateIdentifierType O (deprecated)
Creator AuthEnty Creator R (prepopulated)
Name AuthEnty creatorName R
Affiliation AuthEnty (affiliation) affiliation O
ORCID ID N/A nameIdentifier O
Indentifier Scheme N/A nameIdentifierScheme O
Contact N/A Contributor R (prepopulated)
Contact Name contact Map to contributorName with contributorType="ContactPerson" R (prepopulated)
Contact Affiliation contact (affiliation) affiliation O
E-mail contact (email)   R
Data Project Publisher distrbtr Publisher R (automatic)
Publication Date distDate (for export) publicationYear R (automatic)
Version version Version R (automatic)
Version Date version (date) Map to Date with dateType="Updated" R (automatic)
Description 2.2.2 abstract Map to Description with descriptionType="Abstract" R
Description Date 2.2.2 abstract (date)   O
Subject keyword Subject R
Keyword keyword Subject R
Keyword Vocabulary keyword (vocab) subjectScheme O
Keyword Vocabulary URL keyword (vocabURI) schemeURI O
Notes 2.6 notes Map to Description with descriptionType="Other" O
Language N/A Language R
Related Publication 2.5.3 relPubl   O
Publication Citation 2.5.3 relPubl   O
ID Type 2.5.3 relPubl Map to relatedIdentifierType with relationType="isReferencedBy" O
ID Number 2.5.3 relPubl RelatedIdentifier O
URL 2.5.3 relPubl   O
Producer producer Contributor O
Name producer Map to contributorName with contributorType=Producer O
Affilitation producer (affiliation) affiliation O
Abbreviation producer (affiliation)   O
URL producer ExtLink (URI)   O
Logo URL producer ExtLink (role)   O
Production Date prodDate Map to Date with dateType=Created O
Production Place prodPlac Geolocation O
Contributor N/A Contributor O
Type N/A contributorType O
Name If contributorType="Funder" then map contributorName to fundAg contributorName O
Grant Information grantNo Contributor O
Grant Number grantNo   O
Grant Agency grantNo (agency)   O
Distributor distrbtr Contributor O
Name distrbtr Map to contributorType="Distributor" with contributorName O
Affiliation distrbtr (affiliation) affiliation O
Abbreviation distrbtr (abbr)   O
URL distrbtr ExtLink (URI)   O
Logo URL distrbtr ExtLink (role)   O
Distribution Date distDate (for import)   O
Depositor depositr Map to Contributor with contributorType="Depositor" R
Deposit Date depDate Map to Date with dateType="Submitted" R
Time Period Covered timePrd   R
Start timePrd (event="start")   R
End timePrd (event="end")   R
Date of Collection collDate Map dateOfCollectionStartDate with dataOfCollectionEnd with a / in between both values to Date AND include attribute dateType-"Collected" R
Start collDate (event="start") See Date of Collection R
End collDate (event="end") See Date of Collection R
Related Material 2.5.1 relMat   O
Related Data Projects 2.5.2 relStdy   O
Other References 2.5.4 othRefs   O
Type of Data Project dataKind resourceType with attribute resourceTypeGeneral="Dataset" R
Series Name serName   O
Series Information serInfo Map to Description with descriptionType="SeriesDescription" O
Software Name software   O
Software Version software (version)   O
Data Sources dataSrc   O
Origin of Sources srcOrig   O
Characteristic of Sources Noted srcChar   O
Documentation and Access to Sources srcDocu   O
Country / Nation nation Geolocation O
State / Province geogCover Geolocation O
City geogCover Geolocation O
Other geogCover Geolocation O
Geographic Unit geogUnit   O
Geographic Bounding Box geoBndBox geoLocationBox include the following fields separated by a space: southLongitude westLongitude northLongitude eastLongitude' O
West Longitude westBL   O
East Longitude eastBL   O
North Latitude northBL   O
South Latitude southBL   O
Terms of Use      
Waiver 2.4.2 useStmt Rights O
Terms of Use 2.4.2 useStmt Rights R
Confidentiality Declaration confDec   R
Special Permissions specPerm   R
Restrictions restrctn Rights R
Citation Requirements citeReq   O
Depositor Requirements deposReq   O
Conditions conditions   O
Disclaimer disclaimer   O
Data Availability      
Terms of Access 2.4 dataAccs   O
Data Access Place accsPlac   O
Original Archive origArch   O
Availability Status avlStatus   O
Contact for Access contact   O
Size of Collection collSize Size O
Study Completion complete   O