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Guidance and Resources

QDR seeks to encourage scholars to manage, archive, and share the data arising from qualitative and multi-method research. Similarly, QDR hopes to foster the reuse of shared data to evaluate scholarly claims, answer different  research questions, and enhance teaching. 

In order to achieve these goals, QDR makes available diverse guidance and resources to help researchers to prepare their data for sharing via QDR, and to access and make use of data projects stored in QDR.

QDR staff is available for consultation via email and Skype to aid prospective depositors and downloaders with preparing data for deposit, discovering and downloading data, and using data and interpreting documentation. Please contact us if we can be of assistance!

QDR is open to (and warmly welcomes) the deposit and download of data from all social science disciplines. Nonetheless, the rationale (and the resources) for launching QDR originated in political science, and repository staff are largely drawn from that discipline. As such, several of our internal guidance documents are framed in terms of that discipline’s institutional history, and the recent broadening and acceleration of its openness dialogue. We anticipate that over time QDR will become increasingly multi-disciplinary.  

The goals of facilitating, encouraging, and regularizing the storing and sharing of data arising from qualitative and multi-method research are consistent with the American Political Science Association’s new standards for Data Access and Research Transparency (DA-RT). The following are important references to understand this initiative and the new standards:

  • APSA’s Guide to Professional Ethics in Political Science (in particular, Section A, Part 6)
  • Appendix A of the Introduction to the symposium on Openness in Political Science published in PS: Political Science and Politics in January 2014 includes tradition-specific guidance for turning DA-RT principles into practice (i.e., Draft Guidelines for Data Access and Research Transparency for Qualitative Research in Political Science, and Draft Guidelines for Data Access and Research Transparency for Quantitative Research in Political Science)

QDR has published three documents containing more fine-grained guidance:

QDR also offers more specific guidance on the following topics: