QDR's Research

As part of its mission to “make sharing qualitative data customary in the social sciences, to broaden access to social science data, and to strengthen qualitative and multi-method research,“ QDR engages in research to better understand and further data sharing in the social sciences and beyond.

  • Annotation for Transparent Inquiry (ATI) facilitates transparency in qualitative research by allowing scholars to “annotate” specific passages in an article. Annotations amplify the text and, when possible, include a link to one or more data sources underlying a claim; data sources are housed in a repository. Our work on ATI is partly founded by a generous grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • The Working with Sensitive Research Data (WSRD) initative seeks to develop a multi-stakeholder epistemic community, drawing representatives from various institutions in the American academic ecosystem into sustained dialogue about how to protect human participants while pursuing research openness. Work on WSRD is partly funded by a generous grant from the National Science Foundation.