Ode to Data

Meet QDR's fuzzy and beautiful mascot, Data the capybara:

Image of Data the Capybara

Data (unsurprisingly given her name) got so inspired by #lovedata18 that she composed a whole ode for the occasion and asked us to share it, which we are all too happy to do:

Ode to Data

Transcripts and field notes and speeches and maps, Minutes, memoranda, and records and stats, Images, documents, drawings galore, Newspaper articles, pictures, and more!

Data form the basis for much that we know. They help us to learn – help our research to grow! But here's one thing you may not know about data. (Yes – your knowledge of data, it just might be in beta!)

Data are social, they're friendly, they're nice! They like to be shared and reused twice or thrice! What can shared data be used for you ask? Why, shared data can be used for many a task!

They can be used for teaching, for methods instruction! (This week they might even be used for seduction!) Shared data can be analyzed and studied by others, By your epistemic fathers, and cousins, and brothers!

Sharing data helps others understand your work better, No matter if those data are numbers or letters! Shared data can enliven and enhance annotation, They assist publication, and allow replication!

Shared data can be best used for all of these things, When they’re curated, highlighting all of the good that they bring. They can best be preserved – they can best tell their story, When they’re shared in a trusted repository!

Shared data, in short – they are happy, they're free! They yearn to be re-used by you and by me! So what are you waiting for, what do you say? Come join us – share some of your data TODAY