Webinar on Securely Managing Qualitative Data

DOI: https://doi.org/10.59350/jp90n-z3697

QDR staff has long taught data management with a focus on qualitative data – be it as a IASSIST workshop or as a module of the Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research (IQMR), which was co-taught with Louise Corti of UK Data. On November 17th, 2016, in a premiere for QDR, Associate Director Sebastian Karcher and curation specialist Dessi Kirilova presented a webinar on "Managing Qualitative Data Safely and Securely."

Around 50 participants, mostly from the United States and Canada but reaching as far as the United Kingdom and Australia, attended the one-hour event. We were pleased not just by the large number of interested participants, but also by the vivid Q&A at the end of the presentations, with questions ranging from how to motivate the use of secure technology among researchers to the particular challenges of research data sharing when conducting research with indigenous groups.

The slides we used – with some additional materials and notes – are available on Figshare. Parts of the presentation are based on slides used in a course co-taught by personnel from QDR and the UK Data Service. All materials are provided under a CC-BY license and may be re-used if QDR and the UK Data Service are credited.

Did you attend the webinar and would like to give use feedback about things you liked, didn't like, or would like to have seen covered? Do you have other topics around qualitative data that you would like to see covered in a similar event? Please e-mail us at qdr@syr.edu with your thoughts.