QDR is Offering Complimentary Curation and Storage for COVID-19 Related Data

The scientific response to the global pandemic has shown, among other things, the value of open science, collaboration, and data sharing. In that spirit, QDR will support efforts to share qualitative and multi-method social science data underlying COVID-19 related research.

archivr - Loving Data from Web Research

Welcome to Love Data Week. Every year, research data professionals from libraries, data repositories, and other organizations celebrate great ways to use data and best practices in taking care of research data. You can find lots of us tweeting using #LoveData20 or #LoveDataWeek. At QDR, we’re celebrating this year by releasing our first software tool for researchers, the R package archivr (pronounced “archiver”).

NSF Wants You to Use Effective Data Practices

QDR Can Help

In a recent “Dear Colleague Letter”, the National Science Foundation (NSF) encourages researchers to adopt best practices in managing research data. NSF frequently uses “DCLs” to make researchers aware of funding priorities and preferred practices, so if you are thinking of applying for NSF funding, you should pay close attention to such pronouncements.

Improving QDR's Dataverse for Qualitative Data

When QDR adopted the Dataverse platform in early 2017, one of our goals was to improve the software, development primarily with quantitative data in mind, for qualitative data and the researchers using it. A little more than one year into using Dataverse software at QDR, we have made significant strides in this direction. Here is a quick overview of some of our biggest additions. I also talk about some of these in the video below.

Webinar: A Tale of Two Data Projects

Data Curation at the Qualitative Data Repository

On November 7, Sebastian Karcher, QDR's associate director, and Dessi Kirilova, our curation specialist, hosted a webinar providing deep insights into QDR's curation process based on two data projects. Around sixty participants attended live and many others inquired about a recording. The recording of the webinar is now available on YouTube.

Engaging Complexity

Scenarios for the Responsible Sharing of Sensitive Research Data

By Colin Elman and Diana Kapiszewski

Making Qualitative Research More Transparent

Announcing the Annotation for Transparent Inquiry (ATI) Initiative

We are excited to announce the first round of published projects from our Annotation for Transparent Inquiry (ATI) Initiative. ATI creates a digital overlay on top of articles generated through qualitative and multi-method research published on journal web pages. That overlay connects specific passages of text to author-generated annotations.

Introducing the New QDR Site

Over the last year, QDR has been working hard to update both its infrastructure and repository catalog. We are proud to report a significant milestone in this ongoing project, the switching of all of our systems over to a new site that incorporates much of this considerable effort. While some of the changes will be immediately noticeable to regular visitors to the site, others are ‘under the hood.’ Here are some of the biggest improvements and changes for our users.